A Thankful Father’s Story of Asking for Help

Sweet Wesley is an active and adventurous toddler. When Wesley was just a baby, his mother abandoned both her child and husband and returned to her native country.

Leaving her family behind, she also left the father and son duo to navigate many challenges on their own.

Wesley’s father was both overwhelmed with the thought of raising a child and determined to figure out a way to financially support them both.

On his own, Wesley’s father needed help.

Enter Alliance for Children Everywhere’s House of Moses. This crisis nursery effectively provided loving and nurturing care to Wesley and allowed his father the time and grace he needed to focus on the next steps for his family.

Thanks to the guidance of social welfare staff, Wesley’s father was able to balance his job and work out a long-term plan for Wesley’s care. After family and child assessments, with his father’s blessing, Wesley was discharged into the care of his aunt and uncle.

While under the supervision of House of Moses, Wesley’s dad had the help he needed to plan for the future. Together, they agreed Wesley will live with his loving aunt, uncle, and cousins, and still have ongoing contact with his father.

Wesley’s father is both thankful and humbled by the social welfare staff and caregivers at the House of Moses. These committed workers come alongside families to keep them together for the benefit of the child.