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April 2017
Family Preservation Program Skills Training

FPP Skills Training participants gather around Mrs. Mwiinga to hear her inspirational message about the importance of skills training.

Inspirational message opens FPP Skills Training Center

With inspirational messages like “Stay Positive, Work Hard . . . Make it Happen!” the first classroom of enthusiastic students participated in training sessions at the new Family Preservation Program (FPP) Skills Training Center last month.  Located at the House of Moses and serving the economically disadvantaged, the center opening was bathed in the prayers of Mrs. Febby Mwiinga, wife to Bishop Mwiinga.

A successful evangelist, counselor and entrepreneur, Mrs. Mwiinga ‘s passionate and personal stories directly impacted a room filled with women eager to learn a new skill.

The FPP Skills Center training classes will give FPP families the welcome opportunity to give adequate care, protection and provision to their children through the expertise they learn at the center.

FPP future entrepreneurs learn how to make soap.

Mrs. Mwiinga taught the participants how to make soap and where to locate the ingredients for their potential soap-making businesses. The entire class participated in a practical exercise, turning 20 liters of green lemon scented dish washing liquid into soap. The student’s excitement as they witnessed the liquid transform into soap because of their work was inspiring. All that remained, she explained, was to bottle the soap and it would be readily available to sell.

Mrs. Mwiinga’s entrepreneurship message filled the room with hope. Through mastering a new talent and continuing to improve upon those skills, she noted that even the most vulnerable and abandoned can become self-sufficient leaders and adequately provide for their families. Find out more about Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Family Preservation Program.

Mrs. Banda proudly receives her skills training certificate and is now more hopeful for her future.

Lives forever changed:
FPP Skills Training Graduation

Beaming pride. Well-earned respect. New beginnings. For every FPP Skills Training Center graduate, lives were forever changed upon receiving their hard-earned skills and business training certificates. After an intense two-week training in classes like soap creation, sausage making and sewing entrepreneurship, each participant’s joyful smiles told the story of heartfelt commitment and hope for the future.

Through excellent attendance and intense focus, women like Mrs. Banda were determined to not let anything stand in the way of acquiring the skills she needs to help alleviate the poverty her family is facing.

Empowered through newfound sausage making skills that will alter the course of her family’s future, Mrs. Banda is excited about the prospect of starting a small business and dreams of one day owning a small plot of land to build a home for her children and grandchildren.

Mrs. Banda and her fellow graduates were filled with palpable excitement, inspiration and hope as they began to further understand the practical knowledge and skills they possess will now lead to new opportunities.

Each graduate, lauded by the trainers for their perseverance and determination, happily talked about where they would hang their well-earned certificates and expressed great gratitude. One of the graduates shared a grateful message with her classmates and leaders emphasizing that how students were welcomed, treated and trained was truly a blessing of generosity and thanksgiving.

For graduates and facilitators alike, these two weeks have been a transformational experience.  To support a life-changing program like FPP, please donate today!

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