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APRIL 2016
Celebration of Education Milestones

15 Years of Primary Education Success

2016 marks a special milestone for Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE). For 15 promising years, ACE has partnered with local Zambian church congregations to effectively provide 13 primary education institutions that are known as FaithWorks Primary Schools.

The FaithWorks schools were established to provide primary education for orphans and vulnerable children. When ACE asked community members why so many children were not attending the public schools provided by the government, the response was simple, “they can’t afford it.” Government schools require uniforms and often require a small ‘contribution’ — additional financial burdens for families who are trying to have basic security. In response, ACE partnered with the local church to provide education, and a nutritional meal for students.

One of the goals of this program is to empower local church congregations until the schools can be operated and supported by the community. Six of the original schools now function independently and seven schools are on track to one day be in the same position.

For children like David, an orphan whose father died before he was born and whose mother passed away when he was very young, attending a FaithWorks since he was in grade three, it has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Without FaithWorks, children like David move toward work to contribute to the family, care for younger siblings, or simply play on the streets. The ability to attend school, receive the support of teachers, and receive a daily meal will change the course of his future.

David’s favorite subjects are Social Studies, English and Religious Education. When this eager young student dreams about his future, his first hope is to “finish his secondary education and then one day become a pilot or an accountant.”

David is extremely grateful to his FaithWorks teachers and all they have already contributed to the course of his life. He is thankful for how helpful and patient his educators are on a daily basis and their constant source of encouragement for him and his classmates.

Thanks to generous education donors like you, over the past 15 years, we have been able to provide FaithWorks with supplies, teacher training and support, stipends for teachers, programming, books, and obtain small community grants to keep growing.

To find out how you can donate to FaithWorks, please click here.

Graduation Celebration

The streets of the Kanyama compound in Lusaka, Zambia were recently filled with music and dancing for our graduation celebration. We are once again thrilled to share that 100% of our 2015 Helen DeVos Christian School (HDCS) seniors passed their national exams and proudly graduated on April 8, 2016!

One student, Sam Kondusimu, has grown both academically and spiritually since first beginning high school, and he is greatly anticipating his post-education season of life. Each passing year, the more knowledge he gathered, the more determined Sam became to pass his annual national examinations.

Sam has told us he is “grateful for each of his teachers.” Sam easily made friends in the classroom and knows he and his classmates will make a positive impact in their community after graduation. He repeatedly has given thanks to God, to the HDCS, its instructors, and all of those who have supported his education.

We are extremely proud of Sam for passing his final grade 12 examinations with excellence. Sam was very excited for his graduation ceremony.

The rehearsals made his lifelong dreams of graduating from secondary school feel more like reality. Sam could not have been more excited to wear his cap and gown for the special event!

Although Sam does not know what the days to come will hold, he understands that through your generous support, prayers, and his outstanding education, he now has a greater opportunity for a bright future.

With a grateful heart and the love and support of his HDCS community, we celebrate Sam and all of his fellow Grade 12 graduates.

For those of you who already support our HDCS students, thank you! And for those of who you would like to contribute to our HDCS scholarship program, we welcome your support.

Each annual HDCS scholarship is $1000/FULL or $200/PARTIAL, and may be divided into monthly payments. Whatever level you choose, you will receive pictures and updates from the student you support throughout the year. Please click here to learn more and join us in praying for our 2016 graduates!

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