Supporting Dreams: One Stitch at a Time

The families of Nutrition & Nurture recipients ages 2 and under are grateful for the nourishment provided to them, and the ability of social workers to offer prayer, counseling, and emotional support to worried parents or guardians. The burden that is removed through the benefits of this program are life-altering.

Imagine the peace of mind when yet another opportunity for that same long-term sustainment was developed through the partnership of Alliance for Children Everywhere and Clothed in Hope.

Mary Hinamu sings the praises of the Clothed in Hope program as a perfect match for her. She has had longtime ambitions to tailor and design, but she didn’t have anyone to sponsor her dreams. As she states, “This [program] is a miracle to me and I really thank the Almighty for it.”

Because she often doesn’t have the means for bus fare, Mary travels about 8 kilometers between home and school by foot. Why does she make such a physical sacrifice? Because she knows the sewing skills she is developing through the Clothed in Hope program will start giving her enough income to support her family for years to come.

Olive Wirchua also shares how much she loves the Clothed in Hope program and each of the valuable sewing skills she is learning. Concerned that she would be a slow learner, she has been pleasantly surprised by the patience and understandable teaching style of the instructors.

She describes her entrepreneur mentors as dedicated and diligent. Olive explains, “I see this program taking me from the compound market where I sell vegetables on a small scale basis to a new financial level where I will be able to provide for my family way better.”

Through these impactful programs, these women can use their newfound skills to put their resources towards long-term support of their families. Your donation can directly help these hard working families to strengthen and empower a place of self-sufficiency and security.