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August 2016
Forever Families

Encouraging Families through Foster-to-Adopt Support Circles

One of the great parts of community is sharing in experiences. There is often great comfort and togetherness when groups of like-minded community members share in a vision and passion.

Earlier this summer, several like-minded families came together at the House of Moses Crisis Nursery to participate in a foster-to-adopt meet and greet. The purpose of the meeting was three-fold: to recruit new families for foster care and adoption, to encourage families who have already applied and are now in the waiting phase, and to provide a loving and safe environment for foster-to-adopt families to build supportive relationships with one another.

Each foster-to-adopt family shared various experiences, from the beginning of their application process to their present forever family situations. Heartfelt discussions were held around the challenges, rewards and realities of the foster-to-adopt process. Many families exchanged information and looked forward to staying in contact as their journeys progressed.


As the event closed, two families came forward and expressed their keen interest in applying to the foster-to-adopt program. Overall, this meet and greet gathering created awareness around the growing need for child welfare, provided insightful facts and information, and encouraged families to open their hearts and homes to vulnerable Zambian children.

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Happy Hearts, Happy Home

From the moment baby Moses opens his mouth, his sweet coos and squeals are filled with contagious joy. His adopted parents, Beatrice and Mulai, a nurse and engineer respectively, are content with their careers and thankful for the strength of their marriage. But for years, they also felt like their family was incomplete.

After Beatrice’s mom taught her the importance of helping others and opening her heart to God’s calling throughout her childhood, the couple yearned to actively seek ways to support community members who were less privileged than themselves.

Unable to biologically have children of their own, over the years they cared for other children in their home, including their niece, whom they raised for five years while her mother pursued her tertiary education.

The more they understood the honor and privilege of raising children, the more their longing to care for a child in need grew. Finally, the couple decide to apply to become a foster-to-adopt family.

Just over a year ago, social workers assessed Beatrice and Mulai as prospective foster parents, and then facilitated their application through the Department of Social Welfare. Soon it was clear that baby Moses, who was in the care of the House of Moses Crisis Nursery since he was abandoned as an infant, was a perfect match for this beautiful family.

The bond between this sweet little boy and his foster parents was evident from their first meeting. Their connection was strong from the start, and their relationship steadily grew stronger.

Since his formal adoption in April, Moses has made significant progress in his development. His happy heart and happy home life have made him healthier and more active each day. Moses frequently flashes his smile to show how positively his parents have impacted his life, and how his forever family is right where he belongs!

To read more about Alliance for Children Everywhere’s mission to demonstrate the love of Jesus by bringing orphans and abandoned children into secure families, please click here.

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We are pleased to announce the option to go paperless with ACE! Many of you have asked to receive all communications electronically, and we are listening. Going paperless will allow us to direct more funds into programs and improve our back office efficiency. To receive ministry updates and donation receipts electronically, please use the button below to sign up to go paperless, or call 800-815-9095.