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Our business and NGO partners


We partner with Amway to distribute Nutrilite® Little Bits™ through our Milk & Medicine distributions. Their micronutrient product contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals that work towards preventing malnutrition in children under age 5.

Mothers and Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ) workers noticed that, instead of sitting expressionless much of the day, the Zambian children appeared to have “new life pumped into them” with support from the Little Bits supplement.

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Bethany Christian Services

Together, we work with BCSG to provide Foster Care and adoption training that opens the hearts, minds, and eyes of local families and churches. Knowing the call of God is to engage in finding forever families for the orphaned and abandoned children throughout Zambia, Foster Care and adoption are a blessing to participants and facilitators alike.

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Child Aid International

Children embody the innocence of our humanity. They are our hope, our future, and our legacy. They will inherit the world we are shaping and will fix the problems we have created.

Here and around the world, millions of children suffer because they have no families. They suffer from malnutrition, disease, and unfit living conditions. They lack education, and live in a world marked by instability and fear.

Across the world US-based nonprofit organizations are working to address the various needs of children trying to grow up in this world. They are working in the poorest of countries and in the worst of living conditions, offering young people the chance they deserve.

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Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ)

In 1999 through a partnership with local pastors, Alliance for Children Everywhere founded and established operations in Zambia under the name Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ).  These are the Alliance for Children Everywhere programs.

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Clothed in Hope

Clothed in Hope provides a life skills training curriculum focused on sewing entrepreneurship. Fostering a legacy of hope in Zambian communities through sustainable business models, Alliance for Children Everywhere is proud of this empowering program, our partnership with Clothed in Hope, and the sustainable skills it teaches to eager apprentices.

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Rise Against Hunger

This foundational partnership supports two critical childhood cornerstones: education and nutrition. To date, over 2,000 Faith Works students in grades 1-7, and over 400 students at the Helen DeVos Christian School are served lunch every day. By partnering through the local church, Rise Against Hunger provides life sustaining meals that allow students to learn more effectively and without worry.

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