A K-6 Missions Curriculum

An Alliance for Children Everywhere Program

On behalf of Alliance for Children Everywhere, we are thrilled to share Change4Children’s program entitled “Show the Love” with you. It is a fantastic addition to your Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and adult ministries. This program supports our collective heart for the care of orphans and will continue to broaden the impact of our work. As you read through the details, please ask yourself how you and your children can make a  difference in the lives of orphans.

This innovative and stimulating 5-day (VBS) or 5-week (Sunday school) curriculum was filmed on location in Africa providing a unique and exciting learning experience for your children.

The five thought-provoking sessions, live action videos, hands-on activities, upbeat music, along with colorful Bible stories with original art to take home, will deepen your children’s understanding of key biblical truths about caring and sharing!

Each participating child receives a “katumba” (small pocket) that is sewn by women in the shanty compounds using traditional chitenga (cloth) material (you’ll see these on the video!). Women are paid a fair market price for each unit, which assists them in caring for their own children. The child uses the katumba to keep his/her change for the length of the program, which ends with a parent/child celebration and collection of the coins to address needs that vulnerable orphans in Zambia have. Your children can affect this change!

The curriculum was written by Pat Nederveld, former managing editor at Faith Alive Christian Resources. Filmed on location by notable artist and producer Joel Schoon Tanis.

SESSION 1 – Show the Love: Praise God for Our World
SESSION 2 – Show the Love: Share God’s Gifts
SESSION 3 – Show the Love: Near and Far
SESSION 4 – Show the Love: Give with Joy
SESSION 5 – Show the Love: Let’s Celebrate

Watch this short video

to learn more about this program!


Each participating adult from a Bible study group, women’s group or the whole church will receive a hand crafted basket, made by women in remote Zambian villages and paid a fair market price. The baskets are given as a gift to participants. Coins collected by children and adults are often rolled by seniors and other congregation members, thereby involving the entire congregation. The program is volunteer driven and everything needed is provided to the church at no cost.

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Sample artwork from the curriculum