Give the gift of renewed hope this Christmas — one family at a time.

Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Family Preservation Program (FPP) is centered on keeping families together by renewing hope — one family at a time.

For a grandmother like Elizabeth, who singlehandedly takes care of her granddaughter, Sara, FPP provides vital nutrition, social and spiritual support, business and skills training, and community savings groups.

At this special time of year, your gift of renewed hope could be the difference between preventing family separation or empowering them for a brighter tomorrow.

Your donation will provide new hope for the vulnerable and abandoned. With your support of the Family Preservation Program this Christmas, the light in Elizabeth’s eyes will continue to be a reflection of the renewed hope in her heart.


  • A gift of $25 a month will empower family members with skills training and financial literacy.
  • A gift of $30 a month will give one family the critical food, and social/spiritual support needed to move from vulnerability to stability.
  • A $100 one time gift will provide one parent/family with a small grant to start or invest in a small business.
  • A gift of $500 will supply a family with economic empowerment through food/social support and economic training for one year.
Every gift can be the light in the darkness for the poorest families in Zambia. Your generosity will help provide a family with dignity, togetherness, community, skills training, and a host of resources dedicated to keeping the family unit intact.

Alliance for Children Everywhere invites you to support the Family Preservation Program with a gift of any amount — and renew hope — one family at a time.

Please help us in meeting our goal of raising $30,000 by December 31, 2016. The value of your FPP gift will have even greater impact thanks to a recent grant supporting this empowering work.

In addition to the families you are helping, you are also renewing hope for our staff and community of district social workers. Their loads are lightened when they know there will be financial support to help put children in a family and prepare families with the skills they need to be financially independent and self-sustaining.

FPP renews hope to keep families together by addressing three key areas:

  • Nutrition & Nurture: supports the physical, social, and spiritual needs of a family in crisis.
  • Empower & Earn: supplies economic stability through skills training, business training, and seed capital
  • Save & Support: community savings groups give the framework for developing financial literacy and preparing for future needs.
As you prepare your hearts for Christ’s upcoming birth over the next several weeks, purchase the best present possible: give the gift of renewed hope to a family like Elizabeth and Sara.