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Commitment to Academics

Eight years ago, Albert Nikkosa, now a 9th grader at the Helen DeVos Christian School, was given the tremendous opportunity to begin his education at Edwin Kings Community, an Alliance for Children Everywhere’s FaithWorks elementary school.

After his father passed away when he was a young boy, and his mother’s income was not enough to provide for her entire family, the vulnerability of Albert’s future was completely up in the air.

Thanks to the successful foundation Alliance for Children Everywhere elementary and high school programs create, the road ahead for teenagers like Albert is filled with hope. Both FaithWorks and Helen DeVos Christian High School give determined teens the chance to become productive citizens and leaders in their families, churches, communities, and nation.

Even though Albert has faced many challenges in his lifetime, his primary commitment to education has been evident from the get go.

He continues to show great potential, fighting to raise finances to cover his school fees by working part-time labor jobs including digging pits, fetching water, and bricklaying. Albert happily participates in extra-mural activities such as Press and Debate Club, and he reads the news at his school in the local Zambian language.

Once Albert’s years at Edwin Kings Community School were over, the next step in his education was the Helen DeVos Christian School which provides a free quality Christian education for more than 300 youth who would otherwise have little hope for obtaining an education beyond the 7th grade.

Each of the students at Helen DeVos Christian School receive a solid education foundation that includes Bible study, character building, moral ethics, and a full array of academic classes. For teens like Albert, with a future goal to represent his country in the Defense Force, education is key to long-term success.