Hard Work.

These are some of the traits the grateful students of Lusaka, Zambia have earnestly embodied thanks to the positive impact from their secondary education at the Helen DeVos Christian School.

Helen DeVos Christian School (HDCS) is home to an active learning environment and knowledgeable teaching staff who are dedicated to a holistic approach to education. Both academically and spiritually, each graduate is keenly aware that sponsorship of their education is a direct investment towards a hopeful tomorrow.

Encouraged on a daily basis by the motto, “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”, 100% of the HDCS senior class passed their grade 12 exams with excellent results.


With heartfelt and profound gratitude, recent graduate, Sarah, shares, What you are doing is really changing people’s life state. My education has changed me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Thank you.”

In April 2016, the streets of Lusaka were joyfully filled with that same sense of gratitude by all in attendance; donors like you have been a key part of each student’s success.

As the Helen DeVos Christian School seniors danced and sang, the pride of their graduation procession grew more and more celebratory. Knowing that each HDCS graduate is better prepared for their future proves to be an immeasurable gift for the students and those who support them.

By investing in a student’s education today, you will also feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride in knowing the tremendous difference your gift is making not only for today — but for a lifetime.

For $83 per month, your financial commitment will turn the dream of a secondary education into a reality.


You may also pledge $20 per month and combine your gift with the generosity of other education minded donors. Please prayerfully consider investing in a student’s dreams.