Grateful Smiles of Opportunity:
From Nutrition & Nurture to Clothed in Hope

The joy that exudes from Martha’s face is undeniable.

As a mother of five children, ranging in age from 4 to 21 years old, the challenges of providing for her family are great, but through Alliance for Children Everywhere program opportunities, her grateful smile is genuine and true.

Martha’s youngest children, twins named Blessings and Peace, have both benefitted from the Nutrition & Nurture program since they were born.

Recognizing her time was well spent at home after the twins arrived, the relief in her eyes knowing they both had what they needed to grow and thrive through the Nutrition & Nurture program is unmistakable.

Struggling to provide sufficient funds for their family of seven is a daily reality as the only recent income had been her husband’s part-time peace work.

As the twins approach the age of five when they are discharged from the Nutrition & Nurture program, imagine Martha’s gratitude in being a chosen to participate in Clothed for Hope, an empowering Alliance for Children Everywhere partnership that teaches sustainable entrepreneurship sewing skills to its eager minded student.

Martha is very grateful for the chance to learn a new trade which will generate an income to help provide for her children. When she completes the course, she plans to make and sell her products as soon as possible. She is dedicated to providing food for her children and the opportunity for them to get an education, both of which Clothed in Hope will allow her to do. With her enthusiasm and love for her children, Martha will certainly make the most of such a blessing.

With a smile on her face, Mary describes the program as, “definitely a very good thing!”