Monthly Newsletter

January 2018

The Christmas party at the House of Moses


Dear Friends,

We hope that your Christmas season was merry and bright, and in the midst of the holiday busy-ness you were also filled with the deep sense of God’s presence in Emmanuel, God with us.

For ACE, 2018 begins with gratitude! Thanks to each of you, we raised a total of $71,386 during our end-of-year campaign, Give the Gift of Home. Your gifts bolster ACE’s Child Welfare programs so we are able to protect and nurture orphaned and abandoned children, as well as support the fostering and adoption processes for loving forever families who bring them home. Thank you so much for supporting this important work in Zambia.

Many of you continue to support us with your prayers. This year, we are starting a new Prayer Ministry facilitated by Christa Woodward, our donor manager. As part of this new ministry, participants will receive specific prayer requests each month via email. We will keep you updated on these requests in subsequent months.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer in this specific way! If you would like to join the Prayer Ministry, please either email Christa at or call our office at 800.815.9095 to be added to the contact list.

Additionally, we want you to know that ACE staff in the U.S. meets weekly to pray together. We welcome you to contact Christa with your personal prayer requests at any time.

Included in this update, you will find stories from two young men who benefitted from our programs as children and are now thriving in adulthood — and giving back to their community! Thank you again for your support in 2017. We look forward to sharing how our partnership helps transform lives in 2018!


Cari, Stephanie, Sandra and Christa
Alliance for Children Everywhere Staff

Over the Years with Jack Mwale

Jack Mwale’s journey with ACE began when he enrolled at HDCS in the 8th Grade. Though he had been accepted to another local school, his parents were unable to afford the school fees that would allow him to attend.

Jack lived in the countryside, but had an uncle living in Lusaka with a son who attended HDCS. The uncle contacted Jack to see if he wanted to move to the city and attend school with his cousin. Jack said yes and made arrangements to move to Lusaka.

Because Jack had been unable to go to school for several years, he was the oldest in his grade at age 19. Not letting his older age discourage him, in time Jack reached his 12th grade year. He not only completed school successfully, but thrived in his time as a student. When he graduated at 24 years of age, Jack was the head prefect at school!

After High School, Jack applied to the Makeni College of Education and was accepted. Having no resources to pay for college, Jack was granted a scholarship by ACE and graduated with his teaching degree in 2015. In 2016, the Zambian government posted Jack to a school in the Northern Province of Zambia. There, Jack currently teaches Math and Computer classes to secondary students.

On one of his recent holidays, Jack visited the House of Moses to check in with the staff there. They told him about the community savings groups in ACE’s Family Preservation Program. Jack thought this would be a great idea to apply in more rural areas beyond Lusaka, and when he returned home he mobilized fellow teachers and local villagers to begin their own programs. Currently, Jack organizes two savings groups in his area. We are so proud of Jack and all he has been able to accomplish!

Catching up with Cacius Mwila

Cacius Mwila was placed with ACE in 2007 when he was brought to the House of Martha facility by the police as a lost child from one of the local neighborhoods. Police brought Cacius to the local television studios several times in an effort to identify him and reunite him with his family. Despite these efforts, no one ever came forward to claim Cacius as their son.

At the House of Martha, a former temporary home for older children, Cacius began school. He consistently performed at the top of his class and was regarded as one of the best behaved children at the Home. In 2013, six years after Cacius began living at the House of Martha, the temporary home was closed. Cacius was transferred to a local orphanage where he continues to live to this day.

Recently, Cacius stopped by the House of Moses to check in with the staff. He spoke fondly of his six years in ACE’s care and says that he still misses his home. He described how caregivers at the House of Martha fostered in him a love for God, as well as praying and singing that he has continued. Today, Cassius still loves to attend church and is doing extremely well in school. He is now an 11th grader and has all A’s and one B in his subjects there. He is set to graduate next year and plans to continue his education in college. He plans to have a home and family of his own one day.

Now almost a grown man, Cassius wanted to say “thank you” to the people at the House of Moses for all the love he experienced during his time in their care. He said that caregivers gave him the right foundation for his life and prepared him to thrive. He spent time with children currently living at the House of Moses, and is looking forward to returning soon to volunteer with them.

Go Paperless with us!

We are pleased to announce the option to go paperless with ACE! Many of you have asked to receive all communications electronically, and we are listening. Going paperless will allow us to direct more funds into programs and improve our back office efficiency. To receive ministry updates and donation receipts electronically, please use the button below to sign up to go paperless, or call 800-815-9095.