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January 2017
Forever Families

Levi is thriving thanks to the temporary care provided by House of Moses.

Levi’s New Beginning

Every child deserves a new beginning. Often, those new beginnings are possible due to the temporary crisis care options through Alliance for Children Everywhere.

For Levi Ngomi, being admitted into the House of Moses for temporary crisis care, was a safe and healthy place for him after a tough start in his young life. Levi was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. With a long-term goal of safely reintegrating children with their biological families, our staff diligently works to provide temporary care while simultaneously working with social services to place children into foster or adoptive homes.

ACE’s long-term goal was to reunite Levi with his mother or another biological family member. When those options did not happen, the House of Moses staff began working with the District of Social Welfare and they partnered together to ensure his best care.

Now 2 years old, Levi is a healthy and happy toddler. He is up-to-date with all of his immunizations, has a great appetite, and is meeting all of his physical and social milestones.

He is active, vivacious, and always laughing. In class, his teacher is very pleased with his ability to interact and participate in activities including singing, dancing and coloring.

A few months ago, Levi was introduced to two special people, Dan and Nicole. This Zambian couple have been trying to adopt a child since 2015. They had almost given up hope, but the day they met Levi, they were filled with joy.

Their bonding has been progressing at a steady pace. Levi, cautious when meeting new people, has taken his time to form a bond with the loving couple. However, when all three are interacting and spending time together, it is evident that they will make a happy family in the near future.

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Natalie’s aunt (left) is thrilled to provide a new family for Natalie and her brother, Theo.

The Ties that Bind:
Reunited with Family

For the first three months of her life, Natalie lived with both of her parents. However, after her mother passed away, her father was unable to sufficiently tend to all of the needs of his newborn plus her four siblings.

When she was placed into the care of Alliance for Children Everywhere’s House of Moses, Natalie was suffering from the effects of malnutrition. Her health gradually improved thanks to having access to proper food, formula, and medicine. The temporary care Natalie received helped this little girl thrive.

After her father passed away in early 2016, Natalie became a double orphan and with his passing, there were no known ties to local family members. As Natalie continued to grow, she entered the foster care program and was matched with a potential foster family.

Months later, Natalie’s older brother, Theo, arrived at the House of Moses, after looking for his little sister for some time. Theo was elated to be reunited with his baby sister.   He immediately informed the staff and social services that his aunt, his mother’s sister, had also been looking for Natalie, and she had graciously and enthusiastically stepped forward to care for siblings.

As a result, Natalie’s time with her foster family ended. After a thorough home assessment was completed, it was determined that Natalie’s aunt could provide a safe and healthy environment and raise Theo’s sibling as well. When she was finally given the go ahead to take care of Natalie, she quickly embraced her niece in a warm and loving hug. Natalie’s aunt has promised to take good care of Natalie and help her grow and develop into a happy young lady.

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