Josiah’s 1st Birthday:
A Loving Celebration with a New Family

Working to find a forever family is a not an easy task. When Josiah was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, his uncertain future took a turn for the better as he was joyfully welcomed into the House of Moses Crisis Nursery at just 2 weeks old.

Small and helpless, this bright eyed little boy had no idea how his early childhood would unfold. Investigators tirelessly searched for Josiah’s mother and father, but after many months, were unable to find any of his biological relatives.

Thankfully, Josiah was not alone.

Due to the supervision and nurturing of the House of Moses caregiver team, he was growing into a strong and curious toddler. At the same time, the social welfare department worked hard at finding a suitable foster family to take Josiah into their care, and provide him with the love and identity that only families can offer.

This past May, the Bonga family was matched as a suitable family for Josiah, and the bonding process began. As time went on, the relationship between Josiah and his new family deepened with each visit they paid him at the Crisis Nursery.

Josiah went from strength to strength as the loving attachment formed with his foster family, consisting of a wonderful mother, father and older brother. The progress in his development sped up noticeably since meeting his family. He became even more active and energetic, and his face lit up with excitement every time his family interacted with him at the House of Moses.

In August, the love and commitment of his new family was evident. On Josiah’s first birthday, the Bonga family celebrated with joy in their hearts sharing a festive cake that read, “Happy 1st Birthday, Our Beloved Son Josiah.”

Experiencing such love and appreciation of their new son was incredibly touching. By giving today, you can make a difference in the lives of toddlers like Josiah by donating to the House of Moses, and making the foster to adopt program possible.