Making a Joyful Noise: Finding her voice at the Bill and Bette Crisis Nursery

When she first entered the doors of the crisis care facility, Destiny Mebwe was considered one of the quieter children. Soft spoken and shy, her main form of interaction was often either a strong nod of her head for a ‘yes’ or a more adamant shake for ‘no’.

Important social work continues on with the goal of placing her in a permanent family. At 2 years and 8 months, Destiny continues to thrive during her time at the Bill and Bette Crisis Nursery. Although no substitute for a mom or dad, devoted care givers are blessed by how this precious girl is expressing herself with infectious enthusiasm.

The BBB staff has joyfully delighted in watching this precious daughter of God develop a true passion for music. Like a beautiful garden flower, Destiny’s spirit has bloomed as she cheerfully belts out each note and participates with her peers and teachers in catchy morning and afternoon sing-a-longs.

Over the last three months, Mary’s language and communication has moved from non-existent to non-stop. In contrast to her younger self, she has become a little chatter-box, always having something to say.

Telling detailed stories about her daily happenings and friends in the nursery is not unusual for this energetic toddler. Even with a slight lisp, her vocabulary is rapidly increasing daily as every word, phrase, sentence, or expression that she listened to for months is now happily parroted back.

Free to play and learn in a safe and loving environment, we are grateful to generous Alliance for Children Everywhere donors who make it possible for children like Destiny to find her voice and a family.