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JULY 2017
Family Preservation Program Update

Saving Lives Through Assessment & Action

The Family Preservation Program (FPP) is about assessment and action dedicated to saving lives and keeping families together for the long-term. By taking an inventory of critical needs through evaluating the family as a whole, the FPP approach uses a comprehensive lens of nurturing, empowerment and support.

Such was the case for the Lupili family.

Now just shy of 2 years old, Silas’s young life drastically changed for the better thanks to the FPP. The last born in a family of five, his birth weight was fairly healthy at just over 5 lbs. 8 ounces.  However, over the first few months of his tender life, Silas failed to increase in weight and his parents became more and more concerned.

At 9 months, Silas developed a breathing problem further preventing him from achieving a healthy weight and detracting from his development.

Determined to help her son have a chance at a healthier future, Silas’ mother sought the help of Alliance for Children Everywhere. After being admitted to the FPP, the interventions of this program started to produce drastic improvements in Silas’ health.

It has been 14 months since Silas was admitted into the program and he has been on the go ever since. Now able to fill his lungs without struggling, Silas no longer sounds congested or coughs when trying to eat or play. He has continued to steadily gain weight and is currently almost 16 pounds. This energetic little boy can now actively walk, explore and play.

Silas’ mother is forever grateful to the FPP as she truly believes this program helped save her youngest child’s life. She is not only thankful for the nutritious food and vitamins this program supplies, but she is also encouraged by learning about how to save money for her family’s future. Her dream is to save enough money to start her own business and provide for her entire family.

Find out how you can donate to the FPP program and help provide life changing opportunities for children like Silas.

Saving for a Better Future

It’s a simple, yet powerful concept: Community Savings Groups.

A series of six local workshops were held for Family

Preservation Program families last month designed to teach the importance and fruitfulness of saving money. With a goal of keeping families together for the long-term, the disciplined task of pooling income allows community savings group members to work towards future goals like small business ownership and financial independence.

Workshops were held on the grounds of ACE’s partner churches, utilizing the same places families come to for their monthly Nutrition and Nurture distributions. As nearly 300 adults were trained by local staff about the requirements and necessary steps of fully participating in the Community Savings Group program, the excitement continued to grow all week.

FPP participants were more than eager to learn about this life changing opportunity, enthusiastically asking questions and interacting with their workshop leaders during class and while enjoying lunch together.

Supporting the savings group concept themselves, two Community Savings Groups have been started among the local ACE staff. They have already noticed a positive difference for themselves and their families, and can share first hand with FPP participants the difference saving in this way can make in their futures.

From the income of these community savings groups, participants shared their hopes of purchasing new farm implements like hoes, wheelbarrows and ploughs. In addition, members would use their community savings to buy cattle, goats, pigs and chicken, helping to broaden their farming capabilities.

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