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JUNE 2017
Turning Points: Care for Children in Crisis

Caregivers Provide Hope for a Child’s Future

Through crisis care and intervention, potentially devastating circumstances were reversed through the blessing of early medical attention and treatment.

Entering the House of Moses Crisis Nursery at just one week old, Baby Tswana had a challenging start to life. Tswana’s mother was unable to care for her child and without any relatives in the area, caregivers quickly protected and nurtured this baby who arrived in poor health and with a severe eye infection.

Due to his age and extreme condition, Tswana was taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention. Doctors astutely determined that Tswana’s eyesight challenges were due to a rare case of newborn syphilis. Tswana needed around-the-clock hospital care during this critical time in his young life.

After nearly two weeks on the prescribed medications, Tswana’s health began to drastically improve. He was discharged from the hospital in much better condition and released back into the care of the House of Moses staff, the same staff that swiftly made sure he received the medical intervention he needed to be fully healed.

Thankfully, Tswana’s eyesight has been restored and he now lovingly watches his House of Moses caregivers with a curious and joyful spirit. Tswana is growing stronger with each passing day. Despite the challenging introduction he had over his first few days of life, the instincts of caregivers at the House of Moses Crisis Nursery saved his eyesight and his future.

Find out more about how you can donate to the loving care of newborns facing challenging circumstance by giving to the House of Moses. Click here to give today.

Rising Star Enjoys Learning

After quickly forming healthy attachments with her teacher and caregivers, it was obvious from the start of her early learning career that Mary was a rising star. Abandoned by her mother who was unable to care for Mary or her siblings, social services placed her in the safety and care of the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery.

Currently in grade one, Mary is excelling both inside and outside the classroom. A delightful and enthusiastic student, her teacher is very impressed with her work and how she conducts herself in the classroom environment.

Mary’s attention to detail and ability to learn new concepts is exemplary. She will eagerly share her knowledge by reciting and writing her alphabet as well as her numbers. An attentive and quick learner, Mary takes great pride in all she does, working efficiently and neatly. Her favorite classroom activities include coloring, counting, naming colors, playing with building blocks and completing jig-saw puzzles.

For Mary, the closer she gets to completing a puzzle, the more excited she becomes about putting the final pieces together. Her teacher says a contributing factor to her brilliance is the fact that she loves to learn independently and still knows how to cooperate well with other children.

Mary is a well-rounded little girl who also enjoys being outside. When it comes to play time, she has one mission: joyfully make the most of her time outdoors. Often, she can be found swinging on the swings, climbing the jungle gym or energetically racing with other children.

With a confident and mild-mannered nature, Mary’s teacher and caregivers are thoroughly impressed with how she approaches simple tasks and more complex ones too. This special 1st grader truly has a beautiful and giving heart and enjoys taking care of the younger children in the home when she is not learning or playing outside.

Our social welfare staff continues to diligently work with the local government to find permanent family placements for every child at both the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery and the House of Moses. To find out how you can support rising stars like Mary until they are placed in permanent homes, click here.

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