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JUNE 2016
Celebration of Solid Foundations and Promising Futures

HDCS Graduation:
Five Years of Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

This past April, the streets of Lusaka were filled with music and dancing. The parade of caps and gowns processed through town with a contagious energy that brought smiles to every person lining the impromptu parade path.

What was the cause of such a joyous celebration? 62 Helen DeVos Christian School seniors celebrated their well-earned secondary school graduation starting with a uniform dance that led them to the town square to receive their diplomas.

Furthering their joy was the fact that every senior in the 5th graduating class of HDCS passed his or her grade 12 exams with excellence.

The atmosphere was one of celebration and achievement as Janet Shumba, CACZ Executive Secretary, opened with a word of prayer to begin the graduation ceremony followed by CACZ Executive Director, Daisy Muzukutwa’s opening remarks of encouragement and praise.

Former HDCS graduate and now third year student at the University of Zambia, Victoria Mhone, performed for the seniors showcasing the talent and inspiration of using your education with passion and zeal.


As diplomas, awards, and scholarships for post-graduate studies were distributed, the hard work and dedication of each student was duly noted.

Empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skillsets they need for a more hopeful future is an honor. As in years past, Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Executive Director, Cari Armbruster and Donor Management Officer, Christa Woodward, were on hand to congratulate each student.

To learn more about how to give the gift of education to a future HDCS student, please click here.

Paying Homage to HDCS:
Computer Science Student Returns to Give Thanks

Education can be key to changing a life.

Born into a poverty, Josiah (pictured at left) was determined to make the most of each learning opportunity he had. His long road to success was built by a strong foundation at True Gospel, a FaithWorks Primary school and later at the Helen DeVos Christian School, where his love for knowledge continued to deepen.

Returning to HDCS, he shared his gratitude and perspective about the importance of every education opportunity. Now a third year student at the University of Zambia, Josiah is studying computer science and is majoring in software engineering.

Josiah acknowledges that his secondary education at HDCS greatly attributed to his dream of success. He shared,

Had it not been for the HDCS facilities, such as the Library, computers and the laboratory, I would not have been where I am today. My dream was spearheaded by the support I received from the HDCS teachers at large.

During his visit to the school, Josiah demonstrated his computer program to each classroom and later took photos with the current students.


His enthusiasm and encouragement around his learning experience has given him a bright future. Josiah is an inspiring role model for younger students who can envision future opportunities and career options as they advance in skills and knowledge.

Josiah looks forward to returning for another visit soon, and he plans to mentor current students while helping them accomplish their post-secondary education goals. Aspiring to continue his computer studies at a doctorate level, this Helen DeVos Christian School graduate looks forward to a promising tomorrow and a future filled with hope.

To further the dreams of students like Josiah, please click here to learn more about the education opportunities that Alliance for Children Everywhere offers.

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