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March 2017
Stories of Success

Exuding Happiness in a Loving Environment

As many families, caregivers and early education teachers know, healthy and happy toddlers have endless energy. Such is the case for 23-month-old Patrick. His big personality is evident from the first giggly encounter. Even though he has only been at the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery for a few weeks, he brings an enthusiastic spirit and the gift of joy to all those who interact with him.

Facing challenging circumstances, Patrick’s young mother, a double orphan herself, had no place to stay and no means to take care of her baby. Working with a local Zambian social welfare worker, they decided that the best option for Patrick was for him to be placed at the House of Moses.

While at the House of Moses, Patrick was surrounded by loving, tender caregivers allowing his mother to focus on getting a job and securing a hopeful future for her family. In a few short weeks, the caregivers at the House of Moses noticed Patrick’s observant and intelligent nature.  He was able to speak and express himself very well—especially for a child his age. As a result, the decision was made to transfer him to the Bill and Bette Bryant Home so that he would not regress in his development.

Patrick has made a positive mark both inside and outside the classroom. He can constantly be found singing, laughing and learning from his surroundings. Patrick loves being around other children, and brings a high level of creativity and energy to the classroom. He is a lovable little boy who enjoys dancing and singing at any occasion. In class, he is drawn to creative activities that include music, drawing and coloring. Patrick enjoys time outdoors, running and playing on the swings. Unlike most kids his age, he is not afraid of heights and is happier and happier the higher he goes.

To find out more about Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Child Welfare program and how children like Patrick are thriving in temporary care homes until it is possible to safely reintegrate them with biological family or place them into a foster to adopt family of their own, click here.

With Education, the Sky is the Limit

For the past three years, Kevin Kandu has worked towards a brighter future thanks to the education he is receiving at the Helen DeVos Christian School.

After his mother died when he was only two years old, he went to live with his grandparents. As a young boy, he spent his primary school years, from grade one through seven, at the community school.

Kevin’s teachers and his aunt both recognized his curious nature and ability to quickly learn new subjects. When his aunt was interviewed on why she decided to enroll her nephew at HDCS, she said, “Considering my financial instability and poverty caused by lack education, I felt there was a need to educate my nephew in order to eradicate poverty in his future.”

Living in close proximity to the Helen DeVos Christian school and knowing the school’s reputation for excellence, she was determined to provide Kevin every opportunity to attend classes there.

Kevin grew up in isolation and did not enjoy being around other people. However, shortly after became a HDCS student, his mindset drastically changed. Now, he is able to articulately express himself in English and easily relates to his friends, teachers and family.

When Kevin was asked about his favorite subjects and what he would want to study after high school he said, “I love biology, physics and chemistry. With God’s permission, I want to become a medical doctor so that I can work in my community and help people.”  

From the time he joined HDCS to now, Kevin knows the sky is the limit thanks to his education. He is a determined and passionate student who is looking forward to giving back to his community. To give to the Helen DeVos Christian school or other Alliance for Children Everywhere’s education programs, please click here.

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