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MARCH 2016
Stories of Success

Milk & Medicine:
Providing a hopeful solution

Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Milk & Medicine program does more than support the physical and nutritional needs of families. In one of the poorest areas of the world, it is often the only source of hope people can rely on to get them through challenging times.

When Clark’s mother became ill and passed away when he was an infant, his grandmother stepped in to care for him. However, his grandma had no means to provide for this vulnerable 6 month old child.

Determined to find a way to keep him in her care, Clark’s grandmother reached out to the social welfare team. The Milk & Medicine program was created to support families just like Clark’s. By strengthening the family through nutritional, economical and spiritual support, we can prevent family separation and keep Clark with his family.

Without the support of monthly nutritional supplements for Clark, this severely impoverished family would have been forced apart. Instead, Clark’s grandma was empowered by the assistance including food and micro-nutrient supplements, parenting support, and opportunities for economic strengthening.

Clark and his grandmother are both doing extremely well. Clark, having reached age 5, was discharged from the program this past August. He has grown into a healthy energetic boy and currently attends preschool where he is thriving in the classroom environment.

Clark’s grandmother continues to express her gratitude for the assistance that the program provided her with, describing how it not only gave Clark the opportunity to grow into a healthy boy and gain weight appropriately, but gave her a hopeful solution that allowed their family to stay together.

We are blessed to follow-up with grateful recipients like Clark and his grandma. Through your support and partnership, Milk & Medicine is able to provide for the nutritional needs of vulnerable children, and empowers families to provide for themselves independently.

Continuing to Bloom:
The priceless love of a permanent family

Every child deserves a permanent home and a stable and happy household. For Tessa Locho, who came from vulnerable circumstances, all she dreamed about was the stability of a forever family.

From an early age, Tessa, an abandoned child left without the care of her biological parents, benefitted from her time at the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery. Her loving caregivers gave Tessa the constancy she needed to thrive and grow, but this quiet and reserved little girl hardly spoke to her friends and caregivers, and she only cooperated quietly with the daily activities in the nursery.

While Tessa was in the care of the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery, the Gonwe family came forward and expressed their wish to become foster to adopt parents. Unable to have children of their own, they spent many hours in prayer and heard God’s calling to step forward.

Rescuing children who would otherwise have no one is a core principle of ACE’s work. When there is no family, the goal is to facilitate in-country foster families and adoptions to give children like Tessa a place to always call home.

As soon as their application was approved, the Gonwe family decided to open their hearts and their home. In 2014, Tessa met and became acquainted with this thoughtful and sincere couple. Although the bonding process with Mr. and Mrs. Gonwe was slow, once Tessa was placed in their care, things started to change.

As the months passed, Tessa became so attached to her parents that she clung onto them when follow up visits were made by social services staff. She developed a special relationship with both her mother and father, and they are now inseparable.

Now, more than a year after placement, Tessa, age 6, continues to thrive off the love and care provided by her family. She has made friends at school, and delights in knowing her extended family members. From being a quiet girl that did not talk, to a child that talks non-stop to her parents when she comes home from school, Tessa is a testament to what the priceless love of a forever family can do.

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