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May 2017
HDCS Graduation

HDCS Graduate Confidently Pursues her Dreams

This past April, the Helen DeVos Christian School graduation was the biggest day in many students lives. As the celebratory graduation ceremony proceeded throughout the community, Tracy Banda danced and smiled. Her joy was contagious as she realized that graduating from HDCS was the gateway to her dream career in tailoring and clothing design.

With tears of joy, Tracy happily explains, “Now that I have graduated, I can confidently pursue the course that I have always dreamed of in college, fashion and design.”  With her God-given talent for design and penchant towards making different types of clothing, Tracy has managed to financially support her family since her mother passed away over a decade ago. After developing an interest in sewing at the tender age of 9, Tracy used a needle and thread to sew simple patterns at the start of her sewing career.

When her clothes were well received in the community, a well-wisher gave Tracy a second hand sewing machine and graciously showed her how to use it. This is the machine she is using to this day. Although the machine is old and rusty, it has assisted Tracy in perfecting her craft thus far.

Through her creative and colorful designs, Tracy has managed to expand her clientele from young children to people of all ages. Her designs attract the attention of people from all walks of life. Tracy uses African prints to design men’s shirts, women’s traditional outfits, dresses and many other interesting designs.

Tracy’s gift is truly incredible and she is eager to turn this gift into a professional skill. Her dream is to one day have her own clothing line in Zambia. Now that she is an official HDCS graduate, her goal is to expand the business and see herself through college from the proceeds of her craft.

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Distinguished Scholar Motivated through HDCS Education

Transferring to the Helen DeVos Christian School from a renowned private school in grade 8, Edinah Mwanza and her family were drawn to HDCS due to the strong combination of academic excellence and Christian morals.

This distinguished scholar has consistently been the best academically performing student for the past several school years. Now in grade 12, Edinah’s dedication to both the learning process and developing her faith is evident through her high test scores and focused prayer time.

She shares, “HDCS is really the best school to be a student at. Every day spent in this school is leading me closer to my career and my Creator. It is exciting and amazing to be the best performing student even though it is challenging to some extent. What keeps me moving is the inspiration from my Creator, the dedication of the HDCS sponsors and my dream of becoming one of the world’s best medical researchers someday.”

In addition to her academic achievements, Edinah is also thankful for the study skills she has developed over the course of her studies. She realizes the study methods she has applied to her daily routine have helped her maintain the top academic position. Whether in the library working on computer studies or in the science laboratory, Edinah believes that when you set high standards for yourself, a dedicated work ethic and faith in your abilities will help you maintain them.

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Reflections on Graduation

On April 7th, I was sitting at what is called the “high table” for dignitaries and guests at the Helen DeVos grade 12 graduation celebration. I was going to be able to speak to the graduates later in the day, and also had a surprise that was a highly kept secret!

Every graduation is a special time for the students who are graduating and those that will follow behind them. The courtyard is crammed from end to end with parents, guardians, staff, guests and younger students. There are balloons everywhere, and flowers on the tables. Musicians play continually waiting for the moment when the graduates in caps and gowns arrive.

It is the tradition that they march one mile through the dusty compound streets led by a bank, majorettes, and well-wishers from the community. When they arrive, the security gates open and cheers go up until the graduates take their seats. This time we were quite surprised when each one took off their caps and gowns and danced into the yard two by two to music they had each chosen.

I later had the honor of addressing them and asking what it was that they would take away from HDCS? Memories of their time in the school, a diploma, a bible — a gift from Mrs. DeVos, a kind word spoken by a teacher and friendships that would last a life time.

At that point, I asked the Headmaster, our beloved Robby Kangwa to join me. I was privileged to present him the gift of a plaque that read “The Robby Kangwa Science Center.” The center is in the process of being completed and will be named in

honor of this man we have loved and worked with to education thousands of students since 2003. He stood speechless as the graduates stood to their feed and cheered this man who is not only headmaster, but also mentor and friend.

It was an amazing day to be a part of!   — Sandra Levinson

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