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MAY 2016
Motherhood Through the Lens of Faith

Foster Care Training:
The Root of Spiritual Adoption

Wanda Saka is a tenderhearted woman who found her calling many years ago: motherhood. After all five of her own biological children were grown, Wanda welcomed the opportunity to care for her grandchild when one of her sons faced uncertain financial circumstances. After her son’s economic situation improved and her grandchild returned to his parents, Wanda felt a certain emptiness and she longed to adopt vulnerable children as a way of fulfilling her calling.

Wanda and her husband met with House of Moses staff and local social workers. Their first home assessment quickly revealed the Saka’s adamant desire to adopt vulnerable Zambian children because they thought this was the only way to fulfill God’s mission for them.

During the second and more extensive home assessment, the differences between fostering and adoption were more fully explained. Wanda began to realize that foster care is at the very root of spiritual adoption — a powerful and beautiful insight into the lives of both parents and children.

While in training, Wanda could sense the impact she and her husband could make through providing short-term care for children in crisis. It was this perspective that allowed her spirit to embrace the idea of foster care. During training, there is a time for sharing the spiritual aspects about foster care, Wanda passionately shared how her spirit had been changed:

I did not expect this training to have such an impact on my faith, but I am pleasantly surprised to find that the more I understand the natural concept of foster care, the clearer our spiritual adoption in God becomes.

Alliance for Children Everywhere, hosts foster care training to empowers parents. Through this training, Mrs. Saka has gained a better understanding of both spiritual adoption and the tools necessary to care for foster children. Just as foster children are welcomed into their parent’s home, they are also welcomed and adopted into the kingdom of God.

Mrs. Saka and her husband plan to foster as many children in their lifetimes as God will allow. Read about the impact of foster care training or how you can donate towards ACE’s family preservation program by clicking here.

God’s Love for His Children:
Finding Permanent Families

For every child that is rescued and brought to Alliance for Children Everywhere’s crisis care, the long-term goal of the staff and local social workers is to give orphaned and abandoned infants a permanent, loving home and secure future.

Baby Maria was dropped in a pit latrine shortly after birth — she was rescued and brought to ACE by local police. The House of Moses Crises Nursery lovingly provided temporary care that addressed her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. As staff tenderly cared for Maria, social workers were simultaneously assessing potential foster families that might be a suitable match to be her forever home. Through detailed assessments, Maria was matched with Miss Diane Mogne, a kind and generous woman who patiently looked forward to the day that she could share her love a child of her own.

This Mother’s Day will be a special time of celebration for Miss Diane and Maria as they continue to bond as mother and daughter. Maria is positively thriving in the love and care of her new mom and the two are inseparable.

Just shy of her 1st birthday, Maria continues to meet and exceed every age-related milestone. She has an eager appetite and was recently introduced to solid foods. As she grows stronger, Maria crawls with excellent coordination and curiosity.

As an energetic toddler, Maria frequently pulls herself into a standing position while steadying herself with a nearby piece of furniture. When she shows off her sweet smile, glimpses of her upper front teeth have begun to show.

Miss Diane is extremely thankful to have Maria in her life and happily describes the ease of settling into motherhood. With tears of joy in her eyes, this new mom often shares how swiftly her daughter adjusted to a consistent sleeping and eating schedule.

Maria has also become very vocal, often babbling and ‘cooing as she plays with a toy or interacts with her mom. She is a strong, adventurous, playful, and happy young girl. As evidenced through Maria’s rapid development, the frequent smiles on her face are mirrored through the joy that Miss Diane sees in her.

The love that Miss Diane gives to her daughter reflects God’s love for His own children. When no biological family members can be found, finding a permanent family match through our dedicated team of social workers is key when giving orphaned and vulnerable children hope for their future.

Much like witnessing the heartwarming and loving bond that has grown strong between mother and daughter, strengthening, preserving, and empowering families is a gift to be shared. To find out more about how you can give the gift of family this Mother’s Day, please click here.

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