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Medical Field Aspirations

13 year old Carrie Danuch is grateful for the valuable benefits of her FaithWorks and Helen DeVos Christian School education. Since 2008, she had received inspiration that has encouraged her toward the dream of one day becoming a nurse.

Life has been extremely challenging since her mother passed away. Carrie’s father does the best he can to provide for his family through the small income of street vendor trading. However, school and general living expenses are major stumbling blocks for Christine and her father.

Residing in the Kanyama compound of Lusaka, Zambia, Carrie’s family, like many who live in this area, earn the equivalent of less than $1 per day.

Like Albert, Carrie’s educational pursuits began at a FaithWorks school. In 2014, she was promoted to the Helen DeVos Christian School.

The commitment of Christine’s father to her education is to be admired, as he does all he can to facilitate her education. We are committed to ensuring equal education for girls and works diligently to maintain a 50% female attendance rate.

In Zambia, only 57% of primary aged children are in school and 75% will never have the chance to attend school beyond the 7th grade. However, since 1999, we have been working to change these statistics by partnering with local Zambian church congregations.

Together they provide free primary aged education through FaithWorks schools. Here children are provided with the education needed to pass their secondary school entrance exams, increasing their chances of obtaining a high school diploma. You can take part in supporting teenagers like Albert and Carrie through your financial commitment to an Alliance for Children Everywhere school.

Think of the joy you will share as you assist determined teens in overcoming their financial challenges by providing the opportunity for them to pursue their life goals.