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October 2016
Voices of Hope — Voices of Gratitude

The Treasures of Encouragement

This is Levi Rhipur.

He may only be a toddler, but his warm smile and bright curious eyes are constantly processing everything around him. Because Levi’s biological mother was institutionalized soon after he was born and there were no other family members to care for him, he is now successfully navigating his first few childhood milestones at the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery.

While the caregivers at Alliance for Children Everywhere have provided a safe haven for Levi, our staff is also working with local social workers towards the ultimate goal of placing Levi in a forever family.

When dealing with a complex issue like a mentally unstable parent, our staff is extra mindful in working directly with the government to assess the best care options. Our hope is to give children the permanent family and stable home they deserve – no matter their circumstance.

For now, Levi is inspired through the love and support of his biggest cheerleaders at the Nursery.

Levi’s physical, social, and emotional development increases every day and he is thankful for a network of teachers, nurses, and housemothers that have been a short-term family to him during this critical time in his development.

Levi’s sweet spirit is most happy when he learns something new or overcomes one of his fears. When he first started playing on the jungle gym at school, he was afraid to climb. But as one of his caregivers stood near him and encouraged him to take one step at a time, he soon found himself proudly standing at the very top. Now climbing is one of his favorite activities.

During school time, Levi enjoys drawing and tracing shapes and coloring pictures. He loves using crayons and creating colorful pictures or using his imagination to tell stories.

Levi is a huge fan of music time too. Dancing and singing makes him laugh, and he delights in teaching his friends new songs too.

Levi is thankful for each Alliance for Children Everywhere supporter. Thanks to your donation, places like the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery will continue their great work.

If you would like to provide a home for kids like Levi to learn and grow in a safe environment until he is placed with a forever family, please click here.

Doctor Dreams

My name Nathan and I am a dedicated student at a FaithWorks Community School.

Because of extreme poverty, it has often been difficult for my family to afford sending me to school. But thanks to supporters like you, my FaithWorks education has been a gift that is helping me to overcome the challenges of growing up in one of the poorest areas of the world.

Going to class and learning new subjects has made me view the world in a more hopeful way. In addition to my course load, I enjoy playing soccer on our school’s soccer team.

Through a combination of academics and extracurricular opportunities, I now look at economic barriers as lessons in how to persevere and diligently work towards my goals.

I appreciate my education and realize it is paving the way to a brighter future. As I near the end of my secondary education, I am grateful.

I’m grateful for classes like science that teach me to think in an analytical way. I’m thankful for the teachers who inspire every student by sharing their love for education and encourage each of us to work hard in school.

I’m on track to graduate next year and after completing my secondary education, my plan is to go to a university and one day become a doctor.

As a doctor, I’ll be able to help other less privileged children in my community. I’ll teach other children to believe in themselves as my education community has believed in me.

I am so thankful for donors like you who make my education possible. To give the gift of education for a student like me, please click here.

Learn more about Faithworks Community Schools.

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