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Partnering Together to Feed God’s Children

Stop Hunger Now and Alliance for Children Everywhere create the foundational partnership necessary to support two critical childhood cornerstones in Zambia: education and nutrition.

In 1999, Alliance for Children Everywhere opened church-based primary schools called FaithWorks. These seven facilities are beacons of God’s love and light geared to children who could not attend school due to financial constraints.

Thanks to the generosity of the Stop Hunger Now partnership, over 2000 FaithWorks students in grades 1-7 will be served lunch every day for the next year.

Local parishioners from some of the poorest churches in the area are volunteering to help carry the water from the distant water taps and cook the meals. Through your donation of $25 a month to the FaithWorks program, you will provide the support needed to feed all of the children in each school.

Each of these meals is an extension of our ministry objective to partner with local Zambian churches in the communities we serve, and to work together with other organizations that positively impact families and children. Your gift will help deliver the basic expenses a Zambian boy or girl requires for the opportunity to continue their primary education.

Imagine the joy these children will radiate as they not only receive the blessing of education, but of a daily sustaining meal that allows them to learn more effectively and without worry.

Please support the important collaboration between Stop Hunger Now and Alliance for Children Everywhere by giving generously to the FaithWorks program today.