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September 2016
Opportunities to thrive

Faithworks Schools:
Education for a Brighter Tomorrow

Thankful for his teachers and the support of educators who continue to show great interest in his entire well-being, Frank Meymba knows a quality education is key to a hopeful future.

When he began first grade, Frank was in poor health, but thanks to health care options available through the community and ongoing access to treatment, this dedicated FaithWorks student has enough energy to stay focused on school and enjoys his time in the classroom above all other aspects of his daily life.

I am more happy to be a pupil at True Gospel Community School than anywhere else.

Frank has shown an early penchant for numbers and shapes and declares math as his favorite subject. More challenging to him, however, are science and social studies. Determined to improve his level of understanding and comprehension in these subjects, Frank attends extra classes outside of school hours. In addition, he is always the first to volunteer for more homework even during school holidays.

Like many FaithWorks students, Frank enjoys several extracurricular activities. Soccer is Frank’s favorite sport — no matter the surface, weather, or time of year. In addition to sports, Frank has found a true affection for music. Mr. Supiyaya, Frank’s music teacher, has taught his enthusiastic student many songs and dances that Frank eagerly looks forward to performing.

Frank is extremely appreciative of the many books, shoes, stationery and food that are provided by the FaithWorks schools and donors like you who support his education journey. He aspires to one day become an engineer, with specific emphasis on motor vehicles.

If you would like to support our FaithWorks teachers, please click here to find out more about how you can Team with Teachers in our primary schools.

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Foster to Adopt program:
The mission of parenthood — Nigel’s Forever Family

Forever families are a special gift for thousands of vulnerable children in some of the poorest areas of Lusaka, Zambia. For the families who listen to God’s calling upon their lives to step forward as foster to adopt parents, it is also a life changing blessing.

Parents like the Nydungos apply to the program in hopes of pursuing their dream of adopting a child of their own. For them, parenthood is a mission that fills their hearts with purpose and changes their perspective on what family means.

Abandoned on the same day he was brought into this world, sweet baby Nigel had no idea what his future would hold.

The infant boy was placed in the temporary care of House of Moses Crisis Nursery while investigators intently looked for a biological family member. After an extensive search, no family members came forward. When the Nydungos passed their screening to become foster to adopt eligible, the doors were then open for a new family to be established.

The Nydungos began visiting Nigel when was just a few weeks old. Their relationship grew stronger and more comfortable with every visit.

As their bonding positively progressed, a court date was set for the foster care documentation, and the excited family, baby, and social workers reported to the courts in early August. To the delight of all involved, the committal order was granted, and Nigel was finally allowed to go home for the first time.

Because of the hearts of families like the Nydungos, children like Nigel have the opportunity to thrive as they are raised with the irreplaceable love and endless kindness of a mother and father. To find how to give the gift of family today, please click here.

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