Shaping Lives through Education:
A Path to Success

Even from humble beginnings, Bryant Bawme was destined for a successful future.

Raised by a single mother in a family of 5, his true love for learning was only challenged by not having access to early childhood education.

Bryant embraced a deep desire to engage in the academic process, but due to his family’s financial instability, he could not easily access the education he so longed for.

Then, as if an answer to prayer, Bryant was introduced to our Faith Works community based schools where education costs were covered.

At the Faith Works schools, he successfully completed grades one through seven. After passing his first national examinations, he gratefully enrolled in the Helen DeVos Christian School.

At Helen DeVos Christian School, Bryant had the opportunity to complete a quality education and develop a strong relationship with God through daily prayer and devotions.

The library soon became his favorite Helen DeVos Christian School place where he could often be found voraciously reading as many books as he could. Grateful for his excellent instructors and a positive learning environment, Bryant’s success in academics grew more apparent from grades 10 to 12.

Bryant passed his grade twelve examinations with flying colors, graduating with excellent results. His academic consistency granted him a place at the second highest University in Zambia, the Copperbelt University, with a 100% scholarship to study Agro-forestry. Appreciative and aware of Alliance for Children’s education programs, Bryant fully credits Alliance for Children Everywhere and his faith in God with shaping his life.