Sharing and Saving for the Future

Alliance for Children Everywhere’s Nutrition & Nurture program is not just about providing nutrition and healthcare for children whose families simply cannot afford it, but it also focuses on empowering families with the knowledge, skills, and methodologies to make their financial futures more self-sustaining.

Recently, Alliance for Children Everywhere introduced the concept of social empowerment as a way for Nutrition & Nurture recipients to share their ideas, discuss their financial challenges, and to come up with solutions that not only benefit themselves, but their whole communities.

In all five of the Nutrition & Nurture distribution centers, the women have formed social groups. Some of the first ideas discussed and taught were the concepts of savings and loans as well as how to start a micro-enterprise.

Each woman agreed to give a small amount of money, 5 Kwacha — the equivalent of 50 cents — to contribute to their group’s business project.

Deciding to open a fixed joint savings account, they now have a place to save their contributions and withdraw funds after three to five months.

Their commitment is strong, and the progress is steady. With enthusiasm, many groups have already conducted at least three meetings!

Each group has designated a leader to guide them as well as a treasurer to produce financial reports. Most importantly, the women are being well educated on the significance of saving as a means of empowering their families for the future.