The Gift of Education:
Positive Impacts of the Helen DeVos Christian High School

Imagine being both mindful and grateful about each day of your education. Picture being filled with appreciation for your teachers, classmates, courses, and community.

For the 400 plus students at the Helen DeVos Christian High School, this very gratitude is evident through the smiles on their faces, the impressive results of their exams, and in the beautiful thank you letters many recently wrote to their Alliance for Children Everywhere sponsors.

Matthew, grade 10 at Helen DeVos Christian School, shares:

The subjects I like the most are math, commerce, and English. Reason being that I want to be an accountant when I complete my education. The things I enjoy at Helen DeVos School are clubs, the library and the lab, even the food they give us. It is all because of your sponsorship that we have these things and I thank you that. All I would like is for you to pray to God to fill us with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in our education.

Tawyna, grade 9, (pictured to the lower left) is a single orphan, whose mother was determined to send her focused middle child to school. Other family members help to take care of her younger sibling while her mother works to contribute to the family income.

When Tawyna joined Helen Devos Christian School earlier this year, she seamlessly transitioned to the high school environment. She enjoys writing and English classes, and aspires to become a journalist after completing her education.

And Charlie, grade 12, elaborates:

“As you know, school is about hard work, and how I am trying my best to be the best and pass my Grade 12 exams. I put in my most effort to my best in all subjects. My goal has been to be an accountant as my profession and have my own company someday. I love this opportunity to thank all the people supporting this school, and continue with the good motive of reaching out to us in need. May the good Lord above bless you all.”