What We Do

Our mission:
To demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by bringing orphans and abandoned children into secure families, schools, and communities.

We provide temporary crisis homes and reintegration options for abandoned and vulnerable Zambian children through comprehensive social welfare programs. We partner with church leaders, volunteers, and social workers to create a one-of-a-kind local Zambian foster care program and educational opportunities. We empower Zambian families with tools for a sustainable future through job training, education, infant nutrition programs, and local partnerships.

The tradition and will of the Zambian people is to care for the children of one’s relatives as though they were their own. When there is not enough income within the family unit, ACE works in the community to provide infant formula, food supplements, and social support services. We link the family to community based resources, and educate them about child nutrition, health, development and parenting.

Program priorities are identified and managed on the ground in Zambia. These are not Western priorities, but the Zambian people being empowered with resources to reach out and help their own community to make a difference.

We employ and manage over 100 local staff and volunteers and walk alongside them to help them take full responsibility for this work. It’s a revolutionary model for an international NGO and has given Alliance for Children Everywhere the goal of creating empowering programs like this in other parts of the world.