Family Preservation

Alliance for Children Everywhere is converting our Family Empowerment Program to the Family Preservation Program (FPP). We feel that the idea of Family Preservation is a more holistic and cohesive description of our methodologies and prescriptions for addressing needs of food, income and security for children and families in Zambia.

As a parent, providing a stable environment and opportunity for your child to thrive and grow is a desire that crosses cultures around the world. When a mother or family resorts to abandonment, we can only imagine the dire circumstances that would lead to such a desperate act to save their child’s life. Family preservation begins with addressing critical needs and evaluating both adults and children. We approach preservation and the needs of the family through a holistic lens of nurturing, empowerment and support.

The Family Preservation Program is built on three elements:

  • Nutrition & Nurture: supports the physical, social, and spiritual needs of a family in crisis. The provision of supplemental feeding prevents abandonment and provides short-term stability for families who face the real threat of being unable to care for their children. Guided by our social welfare experts, and with the support of the local church, we work to provide holistic care for vulnerable families as they move from crisis to long-term stability.
  • Empower & Earn: provides economic empowerment for our families and children through skills training, business training, and seed capital. Through our partners, ACE is helping families move from dependence to independence. Without economic empowerment, the long-term stability of the family is at risk.
  • Save & Support: is the frame work for developing financial literacy for the family. Launched in October 2015, Save & Support has been developed as a way for a family to begin practicing the discipline of saving. Families are contributing between 1%-5% of their monthly income. While saving money, families are additionally working with the social welfare team to create a plan for savings, whether it is to start a small business or finish important education.

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