For over 47 years, we have cared for abandoned and orphaned children in some of the poorest sections of the world.

We are a leading advocate for empowering families through crisis care, early childhood nutrition and education, and best practices in family social welfare. With the child’s best interest as the focus, our long-term goal is a stable family for all our children.

Virginia (Jennie) Woods

Founder, Alliance for Children Everywhere

In 1969, she began providing emergency rescue and child care on Apache and Navajo Reservations. Shortly thereafter, she co-directed House of Samuel, a Christian adoption and child placement agency, group home and school for children with special needs in Tucson, AZ. She was one of the founders of a ministry for children in Guatemala that includes a school, adoption agency and orphanage serving 150 children. She facilitated international adoptions in Guatemala from 1984 – 1996 and from Peru in the late 80s. In 1997, she began the current ministry in Zambia.

There is one institution on the earth today that has the resources, the expertise, the presence and the mandate to make an immediate and lasting difference in the lives of orphans and needy children. That institution, under the direction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the Church. God created each child one by one. It is our responsibility, obligation, and opportunity to reach them, one by one.


1969-1976: Native American Reservations
We provided emergency care for children in crisis who were referred by missionaries, local churches and personal workers within the Arizona Apache and Navajo Nations.

1973-1995: Child Placement Agency
Alliance for Children Everywhere (originally named House of Samuel) established and operated a child placement and adoption agency.

1976-1989: Residential Campus and School
As the House of Samuel, we opened a group home and a school on a 13-acre campus for children with special needs.

1984-2000: Guatemala, Central America
Pioneered a child welfare ministry in Guatemala, Central America. The ministry is now entirely operated within country and includes a residential campus for 150 children, a school and indigenous adoption and child placement services.

1989-1991: Peru
Child welfare ministry in Iquitos, Peru. Facilitated international adoptions.

1998: Zambia partnership founded and named Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia

2000: Opened House of Moses and first child reintegrated back into their family

2001: First FaithWorks School Opened through church partnership

2003: Opened Bill and Bette Bryant Nursery for toddlers

2003: Started Milk & Medicine distribution in the community (now Nutrition & Nurture)

2008: Opened the Helen DeVos Christian School in the Kanyama compound

2010: First graduating class at the Helen DeVos Christian School

2013: Launched National Foster Care Program in partnership with the government

2014: First child placed into government sanctioned family Foster Care

2015: Staff begin the ‘Embrace Zambia Project’ aimed at sensitizing Zambian families and faith communities to family-based orphan care

2016: Families enrolled in the Family Preservation Program begin to save their earnings in community savings groups

2017: Introduction of quarterly job skills trainings for parents and caretakers enrolled in the Family Preservation Program

2018: The House of Moses celebrates its 20th anniversary and Helen DeVos Christian School (HDCS) celebrates its 10th anniversary

2019: Launch of an agricultural pilot program to provide families in Chongwe with goats in order to generate food and income



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