Three ways our programs touch lives.



Child Welfare

Orphaned and abandoned infants have safe and secure child welfare options through our temporary crisis care homes like House of Moses and the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery.

Family Preservation

Family preservation programs are designed to build long-term sustainability. Child nutrition programs like Nutrition & Nurture and local partnerships like Clothed in Hope give families strength and courage.



Education through our schools give hope to the next generation. Our broad range of learning institutions, ranging from our preschool to FaithWorks primary schools to the Helen DeVos Christian High School, transform the future of vulnerable children.

Six keys to our long term success.


Guiding Principles

For over 46 years, Alliance for Children Everywhere has been guided by principles rooted in the institution of family and the link to healthy communities.

Local Staff

We work with local indigenous people in the community, dedicated to developing and strengthening families for long-term sustainability.

Family Preservation

We provide temporary homes, early nutrition, and skills-based programs with a long-term goal of reunification and family togetherness.


Our work in educational institutions, feeding centers, and foster care programs is directly integrated with churches. Our Christ-centered approach has a foundation in prayer and is key to our long-term success.


We partner with local agencies and a loyal donor base devoted to helping orphaned and abandoned children and empowering families through entrepreneurship programs, sponsorships, and churches.

Long Term Development

Sustainability is key to each of our programs, from our goals to our approach to our implementation.